Pridor Oy


  • Combining experience and expertise for the benefit of growth businesses

  • Consultancy across industries and disciplines

  • Experience base in ICT, machinery and paper industries, and in finance sector

  • Practical experience in business management, product management and technology marketing

  • Business development

  • Creating new business from technological excellence and vertical industry understanding

  • Entering new ecosystems

Activities - We are active on two main fronts


Business development

  • Based on several decades of experience in global industries and in finance sector

  • Industries covered:

    • ICT, with a special interest in mobile technologies

    • Machinery, high performance production lines, combined with latest automation technology

    • Paper industry, with a focus on paper finishing processes

  • Global experience from all continents: understanding of many business cultures

  • We are interested in involvement in the creation of new business, where our experience base can be leveraged

  • We want to benefit from emerging ecosystems

  • In our vision of new business world, every competitor is a potential ecosystem partner


The company was founded in 1988 by Dr. Markku Ellilä. He continues to be the principal shareholder. Both the consultancy and business development activities draw upon his experience in several global industries since 1980's, and his extensive network of business leaders and experts in ICT, machinery and paper industries. He has also been actively involved in the finance sector, as executive board member of one of world's best performing unit trust funds, investing in Asian stock markets. We are based in Helsinki, Finland, a power base of mobile technologies, in the home country of one of world's strongest forest and paper industry clusters.



Managing Director:

Dr. Markku Ellilä


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